Organic Fair Trade

Our Farming Philosophy

FairTrade: Why We Insist

The history of coffee production is an ugly one filled with slavery and coercion, and sadly, human rights violations still plague the industry. Moreover, its annual value tops $150 billion, but less than 10% remains in countries that produce coffee. We refuse to conform, insisting that the benefits of coffee production reach the beginning of the supply chain.
Almost 100 million people are involved in making coffee: farmers, harvesters, processors, transporters, and laborers. And millions of these people working for a living aren’t making one, suffering extreme poverty and hunger with no way out.
Enter Mount Hagen. As the first instant coffee producer in the world to be organic and FairTrade certified, we prove that golden standards and respect can yield the highest quality product attainable. Every granule of our coffee was planted, cultivated, harvested, processed, and packaged by workers being paid fairly and respectably, by families thriving on the infrastructure we provide, and by communities learning the power of hope and a future.